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This month, we spoke to Beth of Rocky Bones, a small one-person Gateshead-based business making candles and wax melts and selling homewares.

Quinn: When did you start Rocky Bones and why?

Beth: I officially launched in February 2021, but started creating and exploring ideas in the second UK lockdown. Initially I began making candles as a creative output but realised the potential to create a business and introduce my gothic creations into other people's homes.

Quinn: I love that! How important do you think it is to shop local, and how have things been for your store due to covid?

Beth: Shopping small/local can make a huge difference to the small business owners' lives. I know that each order means a lot to me personally and helps support my dream, which is why I make sure every order is packaged carefully and made the best I can. When you shop in bigger stores you often get a less personal experience and your one order doesn't mean as much to them as it does to a small business owner.

Quinn: What kind of stuff do you create that could be of interest to pagans, witches and the like in the community?

Beth/ My favourite item is our wax melts that each have runes upon them. Melting each one can be used to manifestation of the Runes meaning

Quinn: So where can we find you online and how can people find your items to buy?

Beth: You can find them on our site and all readers can get 10% off with code PAGAN10 at checkout. I'll send you some of my favourites!

Rocky Bones can also be found on Facebook at

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