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Working with Solar Magic

By Kath Wallace, the Geordie Witch

Here in the North of England, we are being blessed with an early summer and as the energy builds towards the Summer Solstice, also known as Litha, it is the perfect time to work with the Sun's power. As pagans or witches, we tend to be intuitively drawn to working with the mystical moon, which enchants us with feminine energies and guides our magic through her monthly journey across the skies. However, we know the Sun was venerated as the life-giving force across many ancient cultures, especially those that were more agricultural. Today, many pagans follow the Wheel of the Year, a cycle that honours the changing energy of the seasons as the Sun's power waxes and wanes throughout the year.

When you consider the Sun's role in our lives, it is evident that we can benefit from incorporating its energies into our magical lives. The Sun's timing governs our daily routines and the seasons. It also significantly impacts our physical and mental health as a natural source of Vitamin D, supporting essential bodily functions and improving our mood.

The Sun in Magical Work

In astrology, the Sun embodies masculine or yang energy and represents the father, the ego and our primary identity. Many of us experience the Sun's energy as naturally upbeat, vibrant and expansive. We can utilise the Sun's energy to augment most magical workings but particularly consider working with the Sun to bring:

  • New Beginnings

  • Positivity

  • Happiness

  • Upliftment

  • Success

  • Vitality

  • Healing

  • Connection to the Divine Masculine

  • Ambition

  • Self-confidence

  • Prosperity

  • Freedom

  • Growth

Simple ideas for solar magic:

  • Bring solar energy into your home by creating a Sun altar with solar correspondences. This can be small or as complex, and ideas for your altar include orange, gold or yellow cloth; candles; solar-ruled botanicals and crystals, e.g. dandelion, sunflower, frankincense, St John's Wort, citrine, topaz, sunstone etc.; the Sun tarot card; imagery of solar deities, e.g. Ra, Bast, Apollo. You could place your ritual and magical tools to charge in the Sun to empower them with solar energy.

  • Create solar water by placing a cleansed vessel with fresh water outdoors to charge in the Sun; you can also add your choice of crystals on top of your container. Solar water can be used to cleanse and charge your tools or in spellcraft for healing, creativity, success, confidence, happiness etc. You can also craft Sun Tea by filling an air-tight container with water, herbal tea bags, or dried edible herbs and leaving it in the hot Sun for at least six hours.

  • Use the Sun in your magical timing when planning rituals, spellwork, journeying, and meditation. For example, as the Sun grows in power at sunrise, it is a potent time for spellwork for new beginnings. So, experiment by working magic at different times of the day to understand how the individual solar energies impact your spellwork.

  • Spend some time outside (safely – remember sunscreen) soaking up the Sun's vibrant, uplifting energy. Feel the warmth on your skin and let it seep into your cells. Imagine your body filling up with warm, yellow, and gold light, revitalising your cells, easing any physical discomfort, and raising your spirits.

  • Research the history or folklore of the Summer Solstice, Litha or different Midsummer traditions. Historically, this was a significant time for many agricultural communities across Northern and Central Europe. This could include learning about the ancient practice of lighting bonfires, the belief in the fae at this time or the history of St John's Day. After researching, reflect on the commonalities with how you celebrate the Summer Solstice today. Can you see any consistent themes?

  • Mediate or journal with The Sun tarot card. Grab a journal or make notes on your phone and ask yourself, what does the card mean to you? The traditional image of the Sun in the Rider-Waite Smith tarot deck is of a child on a horse throwing their arms out to the world and saying, "Here I Am"! Consider what the imagery means to you. The child is naked and is completely free – what does freedom feel like for you? What other meanings and symbolism can you find in the card?

  • Not everyone likes warm weather, so create a refreshing ritual bath with cool water and the addition of solar energy. Add orange and lemon essential oils* or slices, herbs and petals from solar botanicals (St John's Wort, sunflowers, marigolds, dandelions, honeysuckle, buttercups*), grab a fruit juice or a cocktail and relax.

Hopefully, there are some ideas there to inspire you to work with the life-affirming Sun.

*Always check for contraindications or allergies when using essential oils or herbs in contact with your skin.


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