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Here on our website, members will have access to SIX free courses covering many of the different Pagan religions we have covered in our Magazine in 2021. This time in greater detail and a more in depth view into the world of Paganism. 

Coming soon in February 2022: WICCA

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Paganism 101 course

Want to learn the basics of Paganism in the UK? Find out what the definitions and origins of the word Pagan are? Explore what Pagan religions and cultures were in the UK and Ireland and when? As well as looking into the history of witchcraft, cunning folk, and magic in the UK, plus expanding and understanding the ever popular Wheel Of The Year and more?

This FREE course will explore the basics! Understand what Paganism is, its influence in Britain (and sometimes Ireland), as well as witchcraft and magic.

This course is for anyone, beginner or experienced. After some of the sections, questions will be asked to further expand learning beyond the course.
This course is an 'at your own pace' course, so you can return at any time to complete separate sections. At the end of the course, book recommendations will be given as well a list of sources, and the course will be available in full as a PDF for you to keep and share.

Sections include:

1) What is Paganism? Origins, definitions and short history.

2) Paganism in the UK & Ireland: From the Celts to the Vikings


3) Witchcraft in the UK Before Modern Times: Looking at how magic has survived through the ages

4) Unpacking and Understanding the 'Wheel Of The Year'

5) Modern Paganism and Witchcraft in the UK Today

This course will start on the 1st August 2021 with Sections 1 & 2.

Section 3 - 5 will follow on August 30th 2021