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Here at Pagans of the North, we absolutely love that our readers and writers all come from completely different paths. Despite all sitting under a similar umbrella, our views, our crafts, and our beliefs can be very different. We've noticed that because of these wild and wonderful differences, sometimes newbies can get a bit overwhelmed and it's hard to wade through all the conflation of religions and personal beliefs vs what we know to be correct based on historical fact. So, we have decided to present you with our very own EXPERT PANEL!

. Made up of different folk all from different aspects of paganism and witchcraft, our experts between them have decades of experience in their own personal paths. We are super excited that they have agreed to be a part of our team and share their expertise with us all!

We hope that each issue our panel can give you an insight into the views of each path, and we are also giving you the opportunity to fire questions their way. Nothing is too simple or too silly, they're all here to help! Please let us introduce the Pagans of the North Expert Panel:


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