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Pagans Of The North is a publication run entirely by volunteers. We have always welcomed new members to our team. All of our team members, both past and present, are from the North of England; some are business owners, some are creatives, some host workshops, events, and podcasts; others are parents (of humans and animals); and all of them have a passion for writing and creating. Pagans Of The North gives anyone the opportunity to get involved.


If you're a Pagan, Witch or similar from the North of England and want to contribute, please visit our Volunteer page here


Creative Director - She/They


Quinn has been a Pagan and Witch for over 10 years,

is a nature admirer and has a fondness for learning, especially history.

She has spent equally as much time as an artist since a teenager and has been a jack of all trades within this role, working as a photographer, social media manager, and graphic designer, and even dabbled in directing and curation.

As such, creating an online e-magazine, put Quinn's love for Paganism, Witchcraft and Art together and now POTN has evolved into a network, providing a blog, resources and more for Pagans, Witches and others on a similar path in the North of England.

She is currently writing a book on Paganism and Witchcraft, from her personal experience, and its influence in the past and in the present.


Editorial Manager - She/Her




Louisa is originally from the Herts/North London area, she moved to Newcastle after meeting her husband. They are owned by 3 tiny dogs.


As a writer, she has written about an eclectic mix of things, including music, science, history, plus sized modelling, plus sized advocacy, burlesque and disability awareness. She lives with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.


Louisa grew up in a household that blended traditional witchcraft with spiritualism. As a teen, she read everything she could find, and took every class available. She became a platform medium, a reiki master and a teacher, specialising in psychic development, psychic protection and various aspects of witchcraft. She has a special interest in past lives.


Louisa has walked a path that started with Gardinerian Wicca, that took her into (and out of) a coven, before she investigated Druidry and Norse Heathenism. She is very interested in traditional and hereditary witchcraft, as well as the history of Paganism in Britain. Her practices now have a British and Norse blend, and are focused on her family members and ancestors.


Outside of Paganism Louisa had a career in biomedical science, that she swapped for a career as a plus size model when her disability refused to be ignored anymore. She even walked the catwalk in lingerie at London Plus Size Fashion Week!


Alongside that, she is involved in the technical and promotional aspects of event management, including live music, cabaret, burlesque and more.


She loves TV and movie binges with her husband, tiny dog cuddles, her epic music collection, and cross stitching. She's a product of the 90's, loves tattoos, jewellery, grunge, metal and alternative music, and apart from a few grungy plaid pieces, she doesn't own any clothing that isn't black!


Copy Editor - They/Them




Sam was raised an atheist but came to the craft, as many do, in their teenage goth phase. Sam learned eclecticism through books on witchcraft, mostly Wicca, but it was the MSN era and they met an Estonian teenager and studied LaVeyan Satanism under him during his journey to priesthood. While some of the tenets of Satanism stood out to Sam, they dropped their craft and religion for a decade, picking up again in their mid twenties.


Studying paganism through reading and in person meets and workshops with witches, Sam is now working on deconstructing and decolonising their craft and researching different pantheons. Sam began by copyediting for POTN in 2020 but rapidly started contributing articles and has created the Focus On: series and written many Deity of the Month pieces. Sam lives in Durham with their many cats, describes themself as a queer feminist communist witch, and never did grow out of that goth phase. 


Writer and Blog Editor - They/Them



Queer, drawn to the liminal and countryside exploring, living between the rural wild and the concrete and brick of settlement. A bone-collecting creative word-weaver, whether that involves forging new works by their own hand or hammering out the words of others to bring them to their final form.


Advertising Coordinator and Writer - She/Her




I run my own business called The Wiccan Lady, although I’m actually a hereditary witch of half Hedgewitch and half old style Wicce. I’m also a therapist of 20 years, a tarot reader and an empath. However my previous paid work was nursing within secure mental health units. I’m from Hull originally but have currently lived in Leeds since 2016.

The Wiccan Lady website


Writer  - She/Her



I’m Claire, creator of Hedge Witchery UK, a craft stall filled with witchcraft and curiosities. Solo practising hereditary witch from a talented tasseographer and empath. Busy mother and Secondary School Art and Design teacher. I love growing plants and herbs and learning about their medicinal properties and more recently over the last few years, I've become very aware of their magickal properties and building them into my craft work.


Events/Moots Officer









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