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creative director


Orginally from Newcastle, but now lives in North Tyneside, Quinn has been a Pagan and Witch for ten years, spending the first few years as a Wiccan before moving away from the practice to solely Pagan and Witch. She is also an artist and designer with a decade of experience. Over the years she has been involved in the Instagram witch and pagan community, finally venturing to Facebook’s witchcraft and pagan groups from 2015 including in January 2019 starting a North East Pagans and Witches Facebook Group. When the UK lockdown started in March 2020, as an artist she felt she wanted to do something creative to keep the pagan community connected, as we would all be separated and cut off for an unknown length of time. Quinn felt this would affect mental health, which she suffers from herself, as well as affecting small businesses that rely on customers. So after seeing a Midlands magazine, she was inspired to create one focussed on the North. Luckily when asking for help, many local pagans and witches from all walks of life and different paths wanted to be part of it; thus the Pagans Of The North magazine was born. The magazine will be one year old in March 2021. The magazine, as a team effort, has reached out to over 30 suppliers/businesses and sellers across the North and has over 200 subscribers on the website. 

Quinn edits the magazine pages and publishes them on the website but has also been known to have written some articles in the past herself.


Editorial manager,

district rep for Country durham 
and Copyeditor



Sam was raised atheist but came to the craft, as many do, in their teenage goth phase. Sam learned eclecticism through books on witchcraft, mostly wicca, but it was the MSN era and they met an Estonian teenager and studied LaVeyan Satanism under him during his journey to priesthood. While some of the tenets of Satanism stood out to Sam, they dropped their craft and religion for a decade, picking up again in their mid twenties. Studying paganism through reading and in person meets and workshops with witches, Sam is now working on deconstructing and decolonising their craft and researching different pantheons. Sam copywrites for POTN along with contributing occasionally, and lives in Durham with their many cats. Sam describes themselves as a queer feminist socialist witch, and never did grow out of that goth phase. 

Sam joined the magazine in September 2020 as a proofreader/copywriter and eventually moved onto writing articles for the magazine, articles include 'Deity Of The Month', 'The Pagan Holidays Of...' and 'FOCUS ON:'.


anne-marie saunders
writer and district rep for teeside


Anne-Marie has been a “practicing” witch since her teens around 28 years ago, she had a very eclectic and open minded upbringing where she learnt the traditions handed down through her family from an Irish folk tradition. It wasn’t until discovering witchcraft in her teens that she realised it was a traditional witchcraft path that she’d been brought up in without it ever having been labelled as witchcraft. Anne-Marie is 46, married and lives with her husband and two children in Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough with a variety of pets. She used to be a moderator for the Children of Artemis forum site in the late 90s early 2000s, the first “social media” for witches before Facebook was invented. She is self-employed with her own business called Kismet which she runs mostly from a log cabin in her back garden. Anne-Marie is a Reiki Master teacher, card reader, crystal therapist, qualified counsellor and progression coach,  and also offers Indian Head Massage and Eastern Facial Massage. However the main aspect of Anne-Marie‘s business is her teaching; she teaches a variety of courses and classes based around witchcraft and spiritual development. For the past five years Anne-Marie has been running her very successful beginners guide to solitary Witchcraft groups which are very popular and are run a couple of times a year with a new group due to start in April. Anne-Marie is interested in all things supernatural and spooky, she has an unhealthy addiction to oracle cards and crystals, and loves watching TV shows about either supernatural stuff or crime stuff, even better if the two are combined! Her secret guilty pleasure, rather randomly, is interior design and she also loves watching shows like that and enjoys also “faffing” in her own home and has Instagram account She is also an avid reader and loves to read both fiction and non-fiction as well as practising creative writing herself., along with journaling. Anne-Marie is a typical Libra, and is also a nauseatingly positive optimist who always looks on the bright side of things and actively seeks out the silver lining in situations, being a firm believer in the Law of Attraction. Anne-Marie lives with some health issues and anxiety, and her son has incredibly rare genetic condition, she finds a positive mental attitude is absolutely essential for her well-being.

Anne-Marie  can be found on Facebook and Instagram as @kismetholisticsandwitchery

Anne-Marie does the Witches Corner page in the magazine.

Editorial manager
and blog editor


Jen is a Witch based in North Tyneside, partner to Dave, Mother of 3 and a Step Mother to 1. She can often be found on Facebook ranting about adverts, craving Chinese food, visiting questionable Pubs and getting lost in Graveyards. Alongside this, Jen is a Civil Servant and also runs her own business Lunar Scentz. Her love of History and Genealogy (of which she has a Diploma in) twinned with her Maternal Uncle being a Witch helped guide her down the spiritual path she is currently on. Jen was keen to join the Pagans of The North Magazine when we first put out feelers for Team Members and has been with us ever since. She is enjoying learning along with our readers and although she is often heard saying “I am just winging it”, she is slowly but surely finding her way.

Jen write the History articles for the magazine.

Louisa Chisholm-kelly
Editorial manager

louisa pic.jpg


Louisa is originally from the Herts/North London area, she moved to Newcastle after meeting her husband. They are owned by 3 tiny dogs.

As a writer she has written about an eclectic mix of things, including music, science, history, plus sized modelling, plus sized advocacy, burlesque and disability awareness. She lives with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

Louisa grew up in a household that blended traditional witchcraft with spiritualism. As a teen she read everything she could find, and took every class available. She became a platform medium, a reiki master and a teacher, specialising in psychic development, psychic protection and various aspects of witchcraft. She has a special interest in past lives.

Louisa has walked a path that started with Gardinerian Wicca, that took her into (and out of) a coven, before she investigated Druidry and Norse Heathenism. She is very interested in traditional and hereditary witchcraft, as well as the history of Paganism in Britain. Her practices now have a British and Norse blend, and are focused on her family members and ancestors.

Outside of Paganism Louisa had a career in biomedical science, that she swapped for a career as a plus size model when her disability refused to be ignored anymore. She even walked the catwalk in lingerie at London Plus Size Fashion Week!

Alongside that, she is involved in the technical and promotional aspects of event management, including live music, cabaret, burlesque and more.

She loves TV and movie binges with her husband, tiny dog cuddles, her epic music collection, and cross stitching. She's a product of the 90's, loves tattoos, jewellery, grunge, metal and alternative music, and apart from a few grungy plaid pieces, she doesn't own any clothing that isn't black!

frankie synth
writer and social media manager


Frankie was born in the Lake District, and was raised within the Cumbrian folk tradition. Both of her parents are musicians and so music was an integral part of her life.

Frankie first became interested in the occult when she asked her mam to buy her the Rider Waite tarot deck at age fourteen as a form of being ‘different’. This, coupled with a deep dive into Satanism, lay the foundations for further reading into esoteric practices and an interest in all things otherworldly. As it was fashionable at the time to be an atheist, Frankie rejected the concept of religion for many years, thinking that every religion would be the same as her Christian upbringing.

A bereavement in 2019 left Frank soul searching for a meaning to life and the universe, and she found paganism through her goth community, and through her aunt, a solitary practitioner. For months in 2019, Frank experimented with many different forms of witchcraft and worship - two years on, Frankie is now a full witch, practicing her own form of deity worship alongside paganism. 

Nowadays, Frank regularly practices kitchen witchcraft, green witchcraft and simple house spells, as well as beauty magic and divination. A self-identified ‘goth hag’, Frankie also uses her clothes and jewelry as part of her practice. She is fairly self-taught when it comes to correspondences, choosing to ‘feel’ the properties and energy rather than reading off a script (within reason!).

Frank is an artist, musician and writer, and feels strongly that all arts intertwine with paganism in some way. She runs her own blog, Frankensynth Witchcraft, and has written for other publications such as feminist ‘zines and Bewitched Bloggers. She is always up for a brew, whether that be Witches or Yorkshire. 

gwyn kipling



Queer, drawn to the liminal and countryside exploring, living between the rural wild and the concrete and brick of settlement. A bone-collecting creative word-weaver, whether that involves forging new works by their own hand or hammering out the words of others to bring them to their final form.

tara brigid



Tara spent their formative years growing up in a mixed Jewish and Roman Catholic household in South London. After some heavy involvement with the church as a child and attending the rather uncomfortable setting of an all-girls convent school, Tara felt called to explore their witchy tendencies after a particularly intense dream involving lunar Goddesses and amazing sky chariots! Tara has now settled in North Yorkshire and although the intense dreams have stopped, the fascination for all things connected with folk witchery and nature remain. Tara is a member of The Folklore Society and loves to write about all things folkloric, with a particular interest in the myths, rites and legends of the British Isles, as well as Egyptian and Classical mythology. Tara is also a queer non-binary intersectional feminist, lover of cats, forests and the moon, and views brewing real tea leaves in a real teapot as a little bit of everyday magic.