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Pagans, Witches &

Everything In Between

Exploring Paganism & Witchcraft In The Past & Present

By Quinn Green

Paganism has become a growing religion in modern times, with its revival evolving and growing to fit today's standards and values. Witchcraft has seen a surge in practitioners over the recent years and the two have become at times interlinked. 

Within these pages, we look at how our Pagan ancestors lived, their beliefs and the influence they left behind. We explore the misconceptions and misinformation that is spread about the history of Witchcraft and Paganism, seeking to figure out where they originate from and how they have defined how we practise today. Learn about the little known Cunning Folk, folk magic and how it influenced modern Witchcraft, today's Pagan movement such as Wicca and Druidry and looking deeper into the Pagan Wheel Of The Year, who created it, why it’s a new concept and what the holidays all mean.

Quinn is a Pagan and Witch of almost fourteen years and has collected her learned experience and knowledge together, to look further into what Paganism, Witchcraft and everything in between is, from our ancestors thousands of years ago, to how we practise it in present times. 


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