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Book Review - The Elemenpals: Meet the ‘Pals! by Debi Gregory

Sam Stoker

Having young children (four and, by the time this goes out, two), I’m always on the lookout for pagan children’s books. We love to follow the seasons in our learning, and elements are of course a big part of that. UK based pagan children’s books are few and far between, and difficult to access, so I was really pleased to come across this book by Debi Gregory.

It’s written in an inclusive and accessible way, with neurodivergent children in mind, and that shows through the easy-to-read text and simple illustrations. The illustrations are basic line drawings left in black and white so that children can have a go at colouring them in themselves - and adults too, in my case!

The book introduces colourful characters, each of whom represents an element - Celyn for Earth, Gwynt for Air, Tanwen for Fire, Dylan for Water, and Menme for Spirit. Each is presented on a separate page to make taking them in easier for little minds, and then we get to find out what they like to do, and we meet characters such as Brother Oak and Sister River.

It’s a lovely first book for pagan children, and opens a conversation about broader beliefs within the pagan community whilst keeping things fun and uncomplicated. The story is short itself, so busy brains can manage to take it in, and it’s exciting to prompt children to ask questions after reading and start that all-important discussion on our beliefs as a family.

I particularly enjoyed the pages for parents at the end of the book, which had some wonderful suggestions of activities to do with children, both nature-based and encouraging reading and literary skills.

Our copy is a little beaten up now, which shows how well-loved it is!

I would thoroughly recommend any parents raising young pagans to grab a copy.

The Elemenpals is published by Moon Books, and available on Amazon here.

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