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Witches Corner - Magic Mugwort

I love mugwort, and my little craft stall is full of items i've made using it. Mugwort, also referred to as the moon goddess plant is native to the UK and grows in abundance. As always the information provided in this article are my own views on my path as a pagan Hedgewitch.

Mugwort has links to Artemis in Greek mythology and Diana in Roman mythology. Mugwort is considered by many as the sacred goddess herb full of feminine energy. It has been used by many to help treat different feminine related illnesses such as menstruation cramps & regulation, menopausal symptoms and much more. However mugwort should not be used during pregnancy or when breastfeeding because it can promote menstruation.

Other uses mugwort has been known to be used for are to treat stomach disorders, including stimulating the appetite, easing nausea or curing worms.

Historically it was known as traveller's or sailor's tobacco, and was often smoked in the place of tobacco. When smoked some say it brings on vivid/lucid dreams. It's smell when burned is not too different to another more commonly smoked weed for recreational purposes.

I've had so many discussions with my lovely customers about how it can be used in their craft. One of my favourite ways is to create cleansing burning bundles. That can be used to clear spaces of negative energies replacing them with beautiful gentle feminine energies.

To make one of my burning bundle wands I harvest my mugwort from the massive plant I have grown in my garden. Mugwort can be identified by the sunning silver moon colour on the back of it's deep green leaf. It's blossoms, also silver in colour before they bloom, are soft and fragrant. I cut the stalk at ground level and strip it of it's leaves. I keep the stalk as I use this for other crafts that I’ll discuss later.

Once dry, I manipulate a bunch of the leaves and smaller branches to create a wand shape about 6 inches long and about 1 ½ inches wide. At this point I add in a few rose petals before wrapping with a natural yarn. I cut the ends with scissors to make straight edges which are easier to light. This is then ready to use. I light my bundles with a flame and blow this out before using the smoke to cleanse my area. I also use this smoke to cleanse my magical tools and crystals.

The stalks that are strong and sturdy when dry, I cut into 5 equal lengths. I then place these down on a flat surface in the shape of a protective pentagram. I secure this shape again with a natural yarn to make a lovely wall hanging ready to project goddess energy into a room of your choice.

Mugwort can also be used in magical teas, simmer pots, spell sachets/mojo bags, poppet dolls and loose incense.

One of my favourite magical teas I make with mugwort is my goddess tea. I found this tea very useful when struggling with unpredictable heavy periods. To make my goddess tea blend I shred and mix equal parts of the following:

Raspberry leaf

Ladies Mantle


Red rose petals

I add a teaspoon of this into my tea diffuser and add to boiling water this is also lovely with a teaspoon of local honey. I take a cup of this every other day.

I asked members of Hedge Witchery UK for some of their uses for mugwort too:

Flies don't like the smell, so it's a good idea to hang bunches in open windows - Ruth

You can stuff a pillow with it to aid lucid dreaming - Jessica

Mugwort and Oak Leaves were carried by travellers to help them stay safe. I carry them in a cotton pouch that is sewn up and keep it in my hiking jacket. It's been with me for several years now. When I moved onto my narrowboat I placed a sprig of mugwort and oak to the bow for safe journeying. - Katja

I’m making my own herbal tobacco blend and mugwort is a base herb.- Allison

The nine herbs charm is an interesting one for mugwort & flying ointments. Mermaids were said to give it to humans as a present. I've recently made besoms with it for its cleansing and powerfully protecting properties that draw in energy conductive to divination/spiritual workings. You can also pop it in your shoes when out hiking for achy feet. - Karen

I smoke it occasionally, in an old woman's pipe it's amazing. It was used in old times to protect villages, the woman herb. You can use it in your cooking like sage. Moon magic plant. - Rachel

My bestie! Full of flying power or a gentle soothing smoke. Tea, bath, oil, rub, all are mugwort's home of love. Tobacco, charm, food, and healing. Mugwort's skills are still revealing. - Lara

At Pagans of the North we love to hear about what you get up to in your own crafts. Why not join us over in the official facebook group and share your own mugwort crafts.

By Claire Keen

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