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A look at Secular Paganism

I'm an Atheist and a Secular Humanist.

For a long time I thought Atheists were Anti-Religion and Anti-Faith. Until I fell down the rabbit hole of athiest religious alternatives and discovered the proverbial unicorn of non Abrahamic faith communities, it's called Secular Paganism/Humanistic Paganism and they are a fascinating and twist on Modern Paganism, it keeps the fundamental aspects of Pagan Culture (Respect for living creatures and the Earth itself) while rejecting/lacking the beliefs in the deities themselves they may recognise these God/Goddesses as useful metaphors for their lifestyle.

In my research into Secular Paganism I searched the Internet in my attempt to learn more about this culture and what makes it different from Neo-Paganism or Contemporary Paganism which drew me to definition which described that their faith and "spiritual practices are inspired by ancient non-Abrahamic cultural-religious traditions, such as the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Norse, Celts, Indians, Chinese, and various native tribes" and they continue to say that they cannot recreate Pagan faiths and "Nor would they want to". The key point they focus on is drawing inspiration from ancient cultures as their ansesetors did and adapting it with moderninity.

According to Humanistic Paganism and Naturalistic Paganism are both terms used to describe a unique Pagan path for those who are uncomfortable with or skeptical of the supernatural or metaphysical elements of contemporary Paganism.

There are a couple of versions of this religion on the Web and on Facebook all situated in the United States of America but when I contacted them on Facebook they left me Read with no response after asking if I could as them questions on Humanistic Paganism… As Of my research's conclusion for this article it has come to my attention that although many pegan peoples in the United Kingdom might resonate with the concept of humanistic Paganism there is so far no Chapters or Temples for this particular branch of Neo-Paganism.


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