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Energy Reading For The Collective

by RachDoesMagic

Hello beautiful souls and thank you so much for being here and reading me. It means more than you know.

I’m extremely proud to have joined the POTN team and I’m looking forward to hearing all your feedback.

In this Issue, I’m bringing you a collective reading on the energies of the season.

With May, blooming flowers everywhere, nectar and pollen in the air and the sweetness of Summer closing in, this part of the year brings an uplifting fire with it and we start seeing more smiles on folks' faces - and the first BBQs!

So, how do we best enjoy and embody the energies of this season?

It's a good time to make bold choices, there are several options available and some seem safer than others. But this season is not the time to play it safe.

Taurus is the sign of indulgence and luxury, so put on *those* jeans or *that* dress and give yourself permission to feel hot and sexy! Feel into your body, admire yourself in all your gorgeousness, appreciate your soul and your body for all that they do for you: and remember that pleasure is your birthright.

Could other people give you a side-eye? Maybe. But oftentimes those who feel the need to judge are the ones who feel most self-conscious. And perhaps, your boldness will inspire someone to do the same too.

The weeks ahead will present us with options, some safer than others. Use your judgement. But, use *your* judgement, not the fear of others'.

To overcome the feeling of uncertainty and self-doubt might seem challenging but by making the call that feels most audacious, we can bring a whole new sense of fulfilment and gratification to our lives.

Can you imagine the sense of liberation that comes when letting go of other people's standards? Visualise it, feel how it would feel, and then allow it to manifest. It's time to feel how YOU want to feel when waking up each morning.

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