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Expert Panel - Summer Solstice 2022

Our expert panel is made up of different folk all from different aspects of paganism and witchcraft; our experts between them have decades of experience in their own personal paths. Each edition they will be grilled with questions from you.

Please remember, if you would like to ask our panel a question you can contact us here.

This issue, we received two anonymous questions from readers.

Is daily ritual important to you or not?

LAUREN (Traditional Witchcraft): I think it's a good thing if you can manage it, but people have lives so it can be hard! I do always ward my bedroom door at night though, I just got into the habit living alone and watching scary movies aha.

YAN (Wicca): I honour the household gods daily with incense but keep the main rituals for the sabbath.

RICH (Heathenry): Excessive daily ritual is never healthy in any context. However, I’m all in favour of small and regular offerings or prayers or actions once a day. E.g. one of the following: lighting incense with intent, pouring out a measure of alcohol, leaving a portion of food, one kneeled prayer, etc.

And of course there are infinite types of non-traditional forms of devotion. I've heard of people using cleaning or weightlifting or meditation as part of their daily rituals.

DEBI (Eclectic Witchcraft): I’m autistic so my life is a series of rituals. I incorporate this very easily into my faith practices. Passion fuels me and my faith guides me, so everything I do touches upon these different aspects of myself in very ritualistic ways.

Have you ever experienced discrimination because of your practise? Do you have any advice for someone going through this?

LAUREN (Traditional Witchcraft): I've had snarky comments from people in the past as I'm quite open about it. I would say if you face discrimination in school or work you are protected under the Equality Act and can complain. The Pagan Federation have a long history of advocating for and advising pagans too. At any rate don't let the haters dissuade you from your magical self!

YAN (Wicca): I’ve been very lucky with employers who have granted holidays for Yule and basically just been fine. When we were in Prague people crossed themselves and glared at us so we opted to not display our pentagrams. The only discrimination I have actually encountered in this country has been the recent anti Wiccan sentiments from other pagans. I would also like to add that the PF (Pagan Federation) are a great resource and help with any discrimination.

RICH (Heathenry): I’ve never experienced discrimination, quite the opposite! When I let slip I was a heathen to my manager I was asked to do a brief online talk as part of National inclusion week.

I am aware though that people do suffer from discrimination in all kinds of ways. In such cases it’s important to keep a level head and document as much as possible and then to seek legal advice if possible. This is one of the reasons The Pagan Federation was set up and I know their advocacy team has helped a number of people.

DEBI (Eclectic Witchcraft): I have experienced a lot of discrimination, particularly in academic and professional circles. There is a trend within academia, in the sciences especially, that seems to say that you can’t be both a scientist and a person with faith beliefs. As if our integrity is underined by our spiritual practices. It’s something I work hard to combat and was instrumental in the creation of the Pagan Federation teams to whom you can go if you come up against this sort of discrimination and would like legal, professional or academic advice. You can contact Emma, the PF Advocacy Officer at or Jennifer, the Education Manager, at

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