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Extract from ‘Lupa: She-Wolf of Rome, Mother of Destiny’ by Rachel S Roberts

"In many cultures, myths and legends there are wolves depicted, from cave paintings, to traditional fables and modern-day film and television. Often their role in these depictions is to represent the themes of power, strength, underworld travel and entry, death, instinct and vision in the darkness. Wolves capture the imagination and, I believe, stir something deep within us that remembers that first encounter of wolf and man on the hunt, which still pulses in our blood and lives on in our companionship with dogs.

The story of Lupa, which lies at the centre of this book, is of the time of the ancient Romans. Rooted in Roman mythology, Lupa is the primary depiction of a she-wolf that has been left to us from classical antiquity. Certainly, she is the only named wolf, who plays a role of central and undisputed importance. There are sometimes Gods and Goddesses, such as Mars and Diana, that are occasionally depicted with a wolf companion or the ability to command and communicate with the wolves, or wild beasts in general. It was, after all, common for the characteristics of the deities of our ancient worlds to be symbolised by an animal totem. In Rome, for example, Jupiter is often shown with or as his eagle and Juno with her peacock or geese.

She was there all along, waiting at the riverside of the Tiber and now she is there waiting for you also. So come let us journey with our Wolf Mother."

About Lupa, She-Wolf of Rome, Mother of Destiny:

Come enter the cave of destiny with the She-Wolf. She transcends timelines, space and dimensions to become your guide in remembering and embodying your unique purpose and path. This book is an exploration of Lupa as the she-wolf of Rome, from Wet-nurse to the founders of Ancient Rome to Modern day teacher of embodiment practices. Lupa is a powerful Goddess for supporting a life lived on purpose and for those that desire to discover and manifest their unique destiny. Explore the mythos of Lupa and its meaning and importance for the Ancient Romans as well as for you now. She is not only of central and vital importance to the history of Rome and the Ancient Roman empire but also to womankind. As an ambassador for the Wolf Genius and essence, Her deep howl from the cave is a call to her pack asking you to step forward in alignment with your truth. This book contains tools and practices to support you in your journey with Lupa as you take these steps, and the re-telling of her story is testament to her invaluable role as Mother of Destiny.

About Rachel

Rachel is a bestselling author, sacred dance teacher, priestess, women's empowerment coach, and flower essence practitioner. Rachel is the creator of Wolf Woman Rising, a wisdom school where she empowers you to embody your wisdom, reclaim your authentic, wild, untamed self and create a life lived on purpose. Through online community, courses and training, as well as in-person retreats and workshops she initiates women into the feminine arts, nature alchemy & divine connection.

You can follow Rachel and find out more about her books, workshops and courses via

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