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Learning to let go with the waning moon

Sometimes you have to leave pain behind, learn from it, and let it go. Sometimes spells and rituals can help us to do this. And the best time to do this is during the waning moon.

Here are some crystals that can help you:


Heals emotional wounds and helps to prevent over thinking as well as bad thoughts. Great for helping you get a good night's sleep instead of nightmares.

Rose Quartz

A crystal of love - self love most importantly - as well as confidence and strength which will help you to move forward.

As well as crystals you could also use herbs.


Perfect for calming and de-stressing, especially in a tea. This can help to ease anxiety.


Another relaxing herb, smells beautiful too. It aids sleep and helps to stop bad dreams, perfect mix with amethyst.

Lemon Balm

Calming for nervousness and tension.

Helps to stop over thinking and restlessness. Smells lovely.

Use candles in your practice?

Blue for healing, black to banish negative energy, and light purple for peace, calming and easing anxiety.

Want a really simple spell to start you out?

You will need:

Pen and paper

1 white tealight candle

  1. Write on the paper what is currently bothering or what you want to remove from your life. It could be a bad habit, a symptom, a person, a situation, or an emotion.

  2. Light a white candle in a safe place - away from fabrics and in a metal dish, and read aloud what you have written.

  3. Close your eyes and meditate on these thoughts for a while. Imagine them in your mind, envision them in front of you. Envision them disappearing and fading away.

  4. Now burn the paper with the candle. You are letting go. Take a deep breath in, count to three and then breath out.

  5. With the ashes, you can either let them blow away in the wind, in a river or stream, or bury them in the garden; move it away from you, it’s no longer in your mind and your home.

If you want you can include the herbs, candle colours and crystals to the spell. Get creative. A spell is what you make of it. Intention is all inside yourself.

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