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March Moon

by Han McIntosh

March 7th was the March full moon. It is sometimes called the Worm moon. For thousands of years, the moon has been an object of fascination for people in all cultures.

Worshipped, adored and respected for its mystery, its secrets, and its practical glow during dark nights.

A full moon is an event that many of us honour or observe even though it can be an interesting time for many, with some feeling it can alter our moods. The moon's energy is often considered to be the most powerful when it is full. Due to this, it can be a great time to meditate. This could be alone or as part of a group. Meditation helps us to feel grounded and present. It can also be a good idea to get out in nature to assist with feeling grounded. Even just standing barefoot can have impactful benefits.

The full moon is also a great time for manifestation and putting your wishes and desires out into the universe. Creating moon water (filling a jar with water and allowing it to charge in the moonlight) and charging crystals is also a common practice due to the cleansing powers and energies present.

Self-care can be a great part of everyday life including during a full moon. It can be beneficial to partake in a moon bath (a bath with herbs, salt, oils, crystals or anything that resonates with your intention). Eating nutrient-dense food can also help with feeling your best during this time, as well as staying hydrated and satisfied. Remember, the moon is a powerful energy but so are you, therefore we have to look after ourselves to be able to maximise this energy.

There are many deities who represent or work with or on behalf of the moon.

Artemis is a Greek goddess whose twin brother is a Sun God therefore she is represented by the crescent moon. Alongside Artemis was Selene, which was another Greek moon Goddess. Selene was regarded as the personification of the moon itself. Artemis and Selene were linked with Hecate, another Greek moon Goddess, and of night time, magic and is a favourite among modern-day and ancient magic practitioners including Witches.

Cerridwen is a Celtic goddess who is both mother and crone in Wicca, she is mostly worshipped on a full moon by modern Pagans.

Thoth, who is an Egyptian moon God, is often visualised with a crescent moon above his head.

Why not look up other Moon Gods and Goddesses throughout various cultures around the world?

Ways to honour a God or Goddess could be as simple as meditating underneath the relevant moon phase, creating a small altar or simply enjoying the moon phase and the light which shines.

It is worth noting that both feminine and masculine energy coincide with the moon and luna phases and anyone of any gender can work with the moon. Most of all, enjoy staring at its beauty, maybe go to a window now and find it and say hi, for it wanders the night watching over us and changes monthly, giving us our tides and inspiring our calendars and natural cycles for thousands of years, a long time friend.

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