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Meet Melanie Mulligan an incredibly hard-working lady with 5 children, 2 stepchildren, a grandson due in September and owner of Melluna, a magical gift shop in Whitley Bay.

What makes Melluna unique?

There are not many shops like mine in the local area so that makes it unique itself. I have had people get so excited when they come in and tell me they are so happy that a shop like mine has opened in their area. This makes all the sacrifices worthwhile.

What inspired you to start the shop?

I had always wanted to run my own business and be my own boss, but family life prevented me from taking the leap. After spending many years working in an office job which was just doing the same thing day in and day out, I decided to take a chance and make a change in my life, for the sake of my sanity and wellbeing.

I have always been fascinated with alternative healing therapies. I adore crystals; they are all over my house, in my bag and my back pocket. I never leave the house without them. I also love the relaxation and meditative techniques associated with candles and incense. Because I receive so much happiness and comfort from my crystals, incense and oils this paved my way to opening Melluna, so that I could pass the same happiness I receive onto my amazing customers.

Why did you decide to open the shop in Whitley Bay?

I live in Whitley Bay and I just love the place. It is the ideal place to live as a child and as an adult, so it made perfect sense to open a shop in the area. Spending all my days in a wonderful area is just a blessing.

What’s the best thing about running the shop?

The best thing about running the shop is I choose everything. I choose what hours I work which is great so I can work around childcare. I spend all day in a shop which smells amazing and looks great (you can smell the incense before you even open the door).

I choose what items to sell, which means that I get to shop online without feeling guilty! It is hard work and when I am home, I am always thinking of the shop and how I can make it better for my customers.

How long have you been trading?

I opened the doors to my shop in October 2019, so it is still quite new. I first found the shop in July 2019 but it took longer than I had thought to redesign it, before it opened.

Which spiritual path do you follow?

I don’t think I would say that I follow one spiritual path. I follow Paganism and I am interested in witchcraft, wicca and the paranormal.

Where do you get the inspiration for the lines you stock in the shop?

I normally search for items that I am interested in. I think there is nothing better than having an owner of a shop excited about what they sell. If an item grabs my attention, I think would my customers love it?

What are your favorite products?

Oh my favorite products, well there are so many! I love everything that I sell in my shop I think that’s what makes me love what I do. I am constantly surrounded by beautiful things. I always think well if that doesn’t sell then I can have it! If I had to choose though, it would be the crystals. There are so many beautiful ones, I get excited every time I order them.

What are the best-selling items?

My best-selling items are the crystals and incense sticks. I sell them daily. I get all sorts of lovely people wanting to buy crystals, from young children right through to adults.

How can people find you both online and in person?

My website address is

My shop address is 69 Park View, Whitley Bay NE26 3RL


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