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Paganism 101 Course

If you haven't yet heard, we have been working behind the scenes to provide you a free course about Paganism and Witchcraft.

At the beginning of the Month we explored Paganism, the origin of the word and its definitions as well. We looked at all the ancient pagan religions that lived in the UK and Ireland pre Norman conquest, such as the Celts, the Anglo Saxons and the Norse!

Today we finally published our witchcraft section of the course...

We look at the origins of the word, the definition over history and how magic survived time through folk magic and cunning folk.

Then we look at Wicca and Druidry, two modern pagan religions that helped bring modern Paganism and Witchcraft into the spotlight of the modern age.

As well as Modern Witchcraft and what it means in relation to Wicca and Paganism.

Then we finally break down the Wheel Of the Year, looking those words, we aren't quite sure on the back story of them, such as Mabon and Litha.

At the end we have book and Author recommendations and who we don't suggest or recommend too, to help you on your way moving forward!

Thank you once again for everyone who has taken part in our course so far! We really appreciate all our participants!



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