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by Rachele Pasinato

For this issue, I am bringing you something different; something that asks you to do some of the work yourself. I have created a card spread for this season, with you lovely readers in mind.

If you do not read cards or are in an early-days learning phase, fear not, because you can still make the most of this spread, with a twist!

Here you find 5 questions, designed to help you focus on the current season, helping you connect with the energies of this time of year, whilst tuning into yourself and your soul. If you choose not to use cards, you could use the questions as journaling prompts and dive into some free-writing. You can also decide to simply ponder on these questions, connect to your inner self through meditation or a light trance, and see what wisdom *you* have for yourself.

Now, this is the first harvest festival, a time where, before beginning to prepare for the darker months, we celebrate the fruits of our hard work. A time to be grateful, to be truly appreciative of ourselves and of those around us who have contributed to our success. Give your thanks, refresh some offerings, do a celebratory dance! But it is also the perfect time to cut some cords, let go of what has not given us the results we hoped and let go of expectations that we realised are not being met. If it hasn’t worked, if it hasn’t given anything back, then bye.

If you are using this spread with cards, now is a good time to make your space a little more magical and inviting in your inner self, and any supportive energies you’d like to have around.

I like to light some orange and peppermint incense, popping on a wax melt, and whilst the air gets filled with the aromas, I take a few minutes to ground myself through some deep breaths and a short visualisation. Of course this is just my way; you can try it out or you can go about it in a way that you know works for you.

1) What am I to be the most grateful for?

2) How can I give back and offer support?

3) What can I do to celebrate myself and keep my soul happy?

4) What do I need to cut cord with and release?

5) How can I best protect the fruits of my labour?

Have fun as you go through the reading or journaling, and if you post about it on socials, do tag me (@rachdoesmagic) and the zine (@pagansofthenorth) so we can cheer you on and follow your journey.

Have the most blessed Lughnasadh!

In light and shadow,



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