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Trader of the Month: Not A Phase

by Louisa Chisholm-Kelly

This month, Louisa spoke to Sian of 'Not A Phase', the exciting new Newcastle online emporium with an official opening to look forward to soon.

POTN: Could you tell us about your shop please?

Sian: It's a place to shop for tools and Magick - my shop is an extension of my practice I think; I only sell products I use myself and hope that other people can benefit from too. At the moment, it's just a little Etsy shop, but I have dreams of it becoming its own bricks and mortar shop one day, where it can be a safe space for any/everyone to come and find peace. Until then, my Etsy and Instagram are hopefully a virtual safe space!

POTN: What do you have planned for the launch on February 1st?

Sian: SO MUCH PLANNED FOR THE LAUNCH! Too much probably haha! I had a mini launch in mid-November where I was open for 4 weeks, as a way to see if people would actually be interested at all, and I got so much support and kind messages, and even got orders (SHOOK). So for my full launch, I have (so far) crystals, homeware, an extended range of spell jars, tarot cards and spread sets, a new Moon Magick range to help you work with the cycle of the moon... I'm both overwhelmed and giddy thinking about it haha!

POTN: What would you say was the path that brought you to witchcraft?

Sian: It was probably similar to a lot of people - I always felt 'drawn' to witchcraft and magic, but felt a little bit apprehensive about sharing that part of me with anyone. In truth I probably still do; that's why I'd like for my shop to be a safe space for others to explore that side of them. Now, it's a form of self care for me. It helps me to reconnect with myself and figure out what's going on.

POTN: What is your favourite part of witchcraft and/or paganism?

Sian: My favourite practice is definitely tarot! I love working spells, and with the moon, and with my crystals, but tarot is my one true love.

POTN: What advice would you give to other pagans and witches?

Sian: My advice would be to research. Read and listen to everything you can get your hands on before you start doing anything, because if things don't work out because you rushed, you'll find yourself discouraged and that would be such a shame. Also, avoid anyone that tries to dissuade you. If you're called to witchcraft, you're not hurting anyone, and you enjoy your practice, then you are a witch!

Not A Phase launched on February 1st

Instagram - @notanotherphase_emporium

Website - Etsy -


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