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Trader of the Month: Silvenwitch

by Louisa Chisholm-Kelly

This month, Louisa spoke to Kimberley Cummings, the owner of Silvenwitch - a small silversmithing business based in Gateshead creating all manner of hand fabricated jewellery with a nature or pagan theme.

POTN: Could you please tell us about your shop?

Kimberley: My Etsy shop is for my sterling silver jewellery. It is all handmade by me. It isn't made using casting methods, it's all hand forged, sawed, filed and shaped by hand. So basically, no two pieces are the same.

POTN: What brought you to jewellery design?

Kimberley: I'm quite a creative person and I love anything to do with art. I normally do pet portraits in acrylics, and I've dabbled in wood carving, pyrography and sculpting little goblins, trolls and faeries to sell. I had some gemstone cabochons that I decided I wanted to practise wire wrapping with. So I did a couple of these, and then my husband suggested that I could make sterling silver jewellery. I pondered on this for a while and after watching YouTube videos, and following lots of super talented jewellers on Instagram, I was hooked! I've been making silver jewellery since May 2018.

POTN: How does paganism combine with your jewellery?

Kimberley: I love the occult/nature/witchcraft aesthetic, and try to incorporate that into my designs. I make everything with intention and I guess I put that into my jewellery as I make it. I've been interested in the occult and witchcraft since I was 7 or 8 years old (maybe even younger). Anything out of the ordinary, I love! I'm a solo witch, I don't practise everyday, and I practice a craft that is a mixture of light and dark, as in nature there is this balance.

POTN: What advice would you give to other pagans and witches?

Kimberley: I guess the only advice I have for other witches is to do plenty of reading and research. You don't have to practise every day to be a witch, just do what makes you happy. It shouldn't be a slog, and there shouldn't be any shame or pressure if you're not casting spells every day. It could be simple things like setting an intention while you stir your morning coffee, or while having a shower visualising all negativity being washed away.

Silvenwitch has ready to ship pieces available via Etsy. She can discuss commissioned pieces via Facebook or Instagram.

You can find her on Facebook at:

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