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Under a spell is a shop that can be found in redcar ran by the incredible Louise.

How long have you been trading?

I have been trading for just over 5 years, opened in May 2015.

What do you specialize in?

The shop specialises in incense, with over 100 different incenses and resins, witchy products and gifts that are little bit different. I try to find gifts that you don't find anywhere else and that are a little quirky.

what spiritual path do you follow?

I follow my own little eclectic path, drawing from many different directions, which I think is shown in the shop, but I am foremost a hereditary witch.

what advice would you give to a newbie just starting out?

To anyone just starting on their path I would say just follow your own intuition and see where the energy leads you. It's a journey that is your own so read the books, join groups but only take from them what sits right with you and enjoy the journey.

how can we find you? (internet presence etc)

The shop can be found on Facebook @Under A Spell Redcar and products can also be ordered from the page and posted out for people who live a bit too far to visit.

Our address is 2 Coatham Road, Redcar, TS10 1RJ

what inspired you to start selling witchy items in your shop?

When I first opened the shop, I was aiming more towards buddhism products but it soon started developing more in the witchcraft/wicca side of things and has built up to now being the main focus, and hares. I love hares.

How important is it to shop local?

Shopping local is extremely important. You are supporting a family when you spend your money in an independent shop. Putting shoes on their children's feet and food on their table. You may sometimes pay a little more than buying online, but you can see the product and feel the product and in my mind that makes a huge difference.

What do customers need to know about your shops operation during covid 19?

At the moment during Covid-19 I am operating a 1 person (2 from same household) in the shop at a time system, face masks on and hand saniters are at the entrance. Free local contactless delivery is also available for people who are locked down and can't get down to the shop, Appointments can be booked on certain days for people who want a good browse without feeling they have to rush when there is a queue at the door.

What are some of your best sellers?

The best sellers change all the time but thing like Himalayan Salt lamps, incense, sage sticks, crystals, aromatherapy oils are a constant seller and of course hares.


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