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The Writer as Magician - Essay

By Danny Metcalfe

The writer is first and foremost many things, they are: artist, psychologist, philosopher, sociologist, inventor, comedian…etc...but most of all they are magicians. That is to say, they are manipulating reality with their words upon the page. They are spells creating new worlds in the inner landscape of being. Their creative powers are the will of their souls. This is the magician incarnate, to change consciousness in accordance with their will.

Writing is a ritual of the imagination. Hemingway said ‘’ There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.’’ The bleeding is the sacrifice. It is the confessions of the heart, the honesty of the writer and thus the universe honours with expanded wisdom. The writer must be wise to his senses, for the writer must sense their own true self and become aware of their wider nature. The wider the nature, the more powerful the magician: For the language of the writer is the soul and the soul is the language of wisdom. Language is limitless when speaking from the soul, to speak from another tongue is to limit the world and thus close off the hidden laws of nature. The writer must cultivate their soul and swallow the visions of their transcendence and breathe out the fire of their insightful dawns and in doing so give birth to the magician within.

The mind is thy pen and the soul is thy ink.


The magician/writer shapes words and thus is re-shaped themselves, for there is no separation between the WORD and the magician. They are one and the same, just as the stars are not separate from the sky. The writer has written truthfully and thus the universe has expanded! Shaped into the shapeless image. The magic of the writer does nothing unless expressed in truthful tones and thus their words will not be carved into the shape of truth. The writer must be guided by these truthful tones, by the fields of their energies that compose their internal surroundings. The writer’s internal surroundings are important for it is the canvas of their will. The desire for communion with their higher-self where spirit merges with matter. The writer/magician knows the language of the higher-self is different from the lower-self. That is for higher language there must be higher words. These higher words vibrate on another level and therefore those deaf to such heights will not hear them consciously, but if their will affords them they will feel their vibrations on the unconscious level. The writer/magician understands the risk of being misunderstood by the age they find themselves and thus becomes an outsider to conventional wisdom and society. The language being too abstract to bear and witness, for their world is too small and logical to comprehend.

It is the struggle of the writer/magician to not confine their literature to the confines of logical language. Conventional logic being too limited by its own intelligence, having no time for intuition and thus cutting off its own head. Intuition is needed to understand higher logic. It is a skill that the magician/writer becomes aligned to a very high degree. The alignment being the key to the magical. Baudelaire states “To handle a language skillfully is to practice a kind of evocative sorcery.”

The writer/magician evokes with their language the strange lands of other dimensions beyond the limits of the material world. Traveling to metaphysical realms, bringing back new visions and thus exposing more light to the world. The WORD emerges from the body like the rising of the morning sun and has communicated its intention. The meaning is silent and has found its origin. The writer/magician is really a silent being who expresses themselves in wordless words, that is they have made meaning one with silence.

To the observer they are a strange personality; for they arouse in them exotic emotions that they cannot always understand, the mysterious longing for union is too far out of their perception, the order of their pleasing world would be threatened and thus potentially send them insane. So, we can say the writer/magician is a threatening presence in cultural perception, which is they are outside of the cultural insight. The collective insight being no deeper than the depth of the materialistic ego. The writer/magician is the individual who is part of the collective but not of it, which is they have become aware of their divine individuality. Rimbaud being a writer/magician told us ‘’Only divine love bestows the keys of knowledge’’ and this is the secret of all life, the magic of creation. The writer/magician is fully aware of divine love and its power and thus writes from no other state.


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