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Trader of the Month: Jogaflows Wellbeing Studio

by Louisa Chisholm-Kelly

Trader of the Month - Jogaflows Wellbeing Studio

Louisa Chisholm-Kelly

We recently spoke to Jo Ruddick, the owner of Jogaflows Wellbeing Studio in Guide Post, Northumberland.

POTN: Can you tell me more about Jogaflows Wellbeing Studio?

Jo: My vision was to create a space that is accessible to as many people as possible, to support them with their overall wellbeing of the mind, body and soul, enriching and enhancing their lives.

With a belief that everyone deserves the chance to learn ways of looking after their wellbeing, fitness and health regardless of age, size, gender, belief or lifestyle.

With various training/qualifications completed, it enabled me to forge these qualities together to deliver a wide range of aspects of wellbeing to support everyone, no matter where they are on their journey.

Also creating a safe space for people to voice their beliefs in spirituality, paganism, witchcraft etc., and to be surrounded by like-minded individuals.

POTN: What services do you offer at the studio?

Jo: Yoga, meditation, reiki and reiki training, crystal therapy, holistic therapies, women's circles, retreats, and mediumship is also coming soon. We sell crystals, spell candles, holistic face products, crystal bracelets, pendulums etc.

POTN: What is your pagan path?

Jo: I have always been connected strongly to the earth and nature, and I am at my happiest when out walking with Jade, my cocker spaniel, in the Lake District - preferably Keswick. Always from being a child, I have been drawn to the moon and its cycles, and the seasons.

I am currently attending Witch School which is helping me grow in knowledge and passion for the pagan path. I believe the only right way to practice is the one that feels right and natural to you. I enjoy using crystals, and all natural products to support healing, surrounded by plants and herbs.

I am part of a coven where we uplift and support each other to develop our beliefs.

POTN: How do your beliefs and yoga work together in your life?

Jo: Yoga is a spiritual practice bringing inner calm and peace; my beliefs have been enhanced through yoga, as I feel more connected with the earth and the universe.

POTN: What advice would you give to people new to paganism and yoga?

Jo: If you are new to yoga, find a class and teacher that you feel comfortable with. The benefits of the practice will enhance your overall mood and wellbeing.

With paganism, never be afraid to follow this path if you are drawn to it. Join groups on Facebook etc. to help you gain knowledge and build relationships. There is no right or wrong, it's about what feels right for you and feeds your soul.

I learn something new everyday and my views on life have changed so much since I truly followed the pagan path. Be true to yourself.

You can find Jogaflows online as follows:

Website -

Facebook -

Their bricks and mortar store is based at

11 The Square, Guide Post, Northumberland NE62 5DA


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