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Trader of the Month - Wolf & Witch Night Market

by Louisa Chisholm-Kelly

Here at POTN, one of our favourite ways to shop for magical supplies, oddities, crafts and more is at local witchy markets, so we got very excited when a brand new one popped up. Wolf & Witch Night Market is the creation of Louise Keen and Jane Burns. Their first market was in April at the Linthorpe Community Centre in Middlesbrough. We spoke to Louise, who also happens to be a new team member of ours.

POTN: Recently you held your first market, can you tell us how it went please?

Louise: The first market went really well, way better than we expected. The atmosphere and energy at the market was brilliant. Our sellers were fantastic and we had more people through the doors than we ever imagined!

POTN: Do you have another market planned?

Louise: Yes, we are planning on doing some more this year but have yet to confirm dates. The best place to keep an eye out is our Facebook page.

POTN: What made you start the market?

Louise: Jane and I are both crafters who sell regularly at local craft fairs; Jane runs Snow Wolf's Art Den (resin art) and I run Hedge Witchery UK selling witchy craft and curiosities. We started the market as alternative markets in the north always seemed to be in Newcastle and Sunderland so we felt Middlesbrough could do with its own.

POTN: How would you describe your Pagan Path?

Louise: I'd say my pagan path is definitely Pagan Hedge Witch. I love nature and I am very open with my craft. I have an active TikTok where I share tips and explain what I'm working on regularly. Jane also follows a Pagan path, she is a witch.

POTN: What advice would you give people that are new to Paganism?

Louise: The very best advice I could give to people that are new to Paganism is find your own path, do things that make you happy!

You can find Wolf & Witch online here:

Snow Wolf’s Art Den Facebook -

Hedge Witchery UK Facebook -

Hedge Witchery UK TikTok -

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