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'Walk The Wytchwoods' NEW Album by Amarynthia

Amarynthia is a witchcraft influenced folk band which launched on the Winter

Solstice 2019 as an acoustic duo ‘His Witch.’

In the last year, the duo has grown to become Amarynthia, a 4-piece band centred around male and female vocals, guitar, mandolin, flute and drums.

Amarynthia take their influences from witchcraft, writing original songs based

around spiritual beliefs, including songs about The Fae, Spell Casting,

Sabbats and the persecution of witches in the 1600s.

The band comprises 4 members-

Tamsin Holmes- Lead vocals and flute

Neil Garratt- Guitar, mandolin and backing vocals

Mark Willett- Guitar

Andy Flowers- Drums

They have just released their debut album Walk The Wytchwoods, available

digitally or on CD


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