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Solace For Salem: Book By Tiegan Marie

"The crows bicker and whine, watching our empty graves stand tall, sprouting into history books..."

A collection of poems to honour the lives of individuals who have unjustly lost their lives in the Salem Witch Trials, Solace For Salem is a book to help people change the way we think about the tragedies of the past, giving back their voices and in poetic form, giving each one a way to 'speak' about the crimes committed against them.

Tiegan Marie is an author from the North Of England who has a background in writing and reading Witchcraft, Gothic and Fantasy literature. She also runs Teapots N Tales where she reviews books from multiple genres from Horror to Mental Health so it makes sense that she has ventured into the world of publication herself with her new book Solace For Salem, and what better day for its release date than today October 31st!

You can buy Solace For Salem on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.

You can also find Teapots N Tales on Instagram and Twitter: @teapots_n_tales

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