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The Snow Moon

by Quinn Green

The next full moon is on February 5th and its name is the Snow Moon.

We are pretty deep in Winter now, it's very cold outside, sometimes very bitter on your skin and nippy on your nose. Usually and for many places in the world, it would be snowing this time of year. Maybe it has already for you?

Some Native American tribes sometimes called this moon the Hunger Moon, as the snowfall would make hunting difficult for them and so they would have less food for the month.

The moon will also be a 'Micro Moon', which means it will lie at the furthest point of its orbit. This might make the moon look smaller.

Things you can do during a full moon:

Charge crystals. Many Pagans and witches believe that the full moon has powerful energy and,

if they have crystals, will put them out for them to absorb that energy.

Have a bubbly cleansing bath. What more of an excuse do you need to give yourself time to fill your tub, and relax for a little bit?

Make moon water. Some Pagans and witches believe leaving water out to absorb the full moon's energy will create moon water which can be then used during spells.

Meditation. Sit and meditate: breathe in, breathe out, light a candle, and have a moment of reflection and express some gratitude, or focus on some positivity you may have taken for granted in your life recently.

Overall, the full moon is a beautiful sight to see. Even if you just notice it in the sky, give it a nod and say hi; recognise its beauty and its existence because we're very lucky to have something so beautiful to look up at, and our ancestors certainly felt the same way.

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