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Trader Of The Month - Myth and Moon Relics

This month we spoke to Brittania from Myth and Moon Relics based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

POTN: Can you tell us a little about your business?

Brittania: My business is called Myth and Moon Relics and I make jewellery inspired by Victorian specimen collecting and curiosity cabinets mixed with my spiritual practice. I use vintage inspired glass specimen jars and fill them with gifts from nature from dried flowers to ethically sourced butterfly specimens. But my favourite are my spell pendants. I fill beautiful hand blown glass spheres with botanicals and crystals using the old knowledge of their meaning and power and I follow the cycles of the moon when making them. I love when customers come to me with specific needs and I can make them a unique and powerful tool to face their problems and give them strength. 

POTN: How would you describe your path?

Brittania: I am very much a solitary practitioner, I think that comes from being raised in a very Christian environment full of people who really judged and didn't understand Paganism. I read a lot of books and am particularly drawn to following the moon cycles and nature. I like celebrating the traditional holidays but most of all nature is my church. Nature is so healing and powerful and its gifts are boundless.

POTN: What brought you to your path?

Brittania: As I mentioned I was raised in a very Christian environment, but when I was 16 I got a job in a hippie/occult shop and I remember just devouring all the books on Wicca, Paganism, Witch Craft, and all the ingredients for creating spells and altar relics. It was a whole new world that was so different from the rigidity and powerlessness of Christianity. I always had a problem with the idea of God as a man who created woman to be a partner when it is women who bring life into the world, and the idea of blind faith, and here was a practice where I could make spells and rituals to have a bit of control over my own destiny. It felt like coming home. 

POTN: Are your faith and business entwined?

Brittania: My business is directly inspired by my faith and wouldn't exist without it. Even with my butterfly specimen jars, I make sure my specimens are ethically sourced; they come from butterfly gardeners who maintain gardens and collect those that have died naturally, it's all a part of nature's cycle of life and I believe if it was beautiful in life why would it not be beautiful in death? My business also keeps my faith alive and challenges me when I get requests for bespoke pieces to help overcome specific issues, I get to study what botanicals and crystals would work well and I love the ritual of creating these spells and putting my positive energy into helping people out. It gives me a sense of purpose beyond making a pretty adornment.

POTN: What's in the future for your business?

Brittania: It's still quite new. I've made jewellery for a while, but making this type of jewellery that reflects my practice is new. I'm actually a disabled business owner, too. So finding a balance of running my business while taking care of my health is tricky. Right now I am still just trying to get my name out. I would love to do more of my bespoke spell necklaces and I have been working on making some homeware items and just would like to grow at my own steady pace. 

Thank you very much for this opportunity!

You can find Myth and Moon Relics on Etsy at:

By Sam Stoker

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